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Software house integrate text messaging into the heart of each of their applications, in a hugely successful bid to improve communication.

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Reynardine Software is an innovative software company with over 30 years of development experience, specialising in the provision of personnel-booking, seat-booking and reservation applications to UK SMEs.

The applications enable each client to take and amend bookings, pay for goods, check for item availability, change personnel shifts and locations, as well as automatically communicate booking confirmations, staff changes, property details, and item purchases, back to the appropriate parties.

  • 30 years of development experience
  • Applications to UK SMEs.
  • Innovative software company

“I have found that the partnership with TextAnywhere has worked extremely well, with Reynardine Software’s clients happily relying on the service to deliver their text messages each day. I also know that if I have a question I can pick up the phone and talk to their tech guys whenever I need to.”

Mike Thompson – Managing Director of Reynardine Software


At the heart of the Reynardine Software application suite is a desire to communicate information swiftly and automatically to the appropriate parties. It may be to confirm a theatre ticket booking, offer a temporary job, confirm a rail ticket reservation or provide property details to an interested party.

“I recognised early on that offering my clients the ability to communicate with their customers automatically by SMS, would help them provide great client sales support, and offer them a competitive advantage,” commented Mike Thompson, Managing Director of Reynardine Software.

TextAnywhere Reynardine Software SMS Example
*This is an example text message. This exact copy was not used by the customer.


Reynardine Software implemented text-messaging into each of the three core applications, enabling, for example, product information, job details, and booking confirmations to be automatically sent out by SMS to clients and staff alike.

Each application supports two-way texting, enabling, for example, message recipients to be able to confirm back their ability to work, or to allow purchasers to request further information.

Project Successes

“Text-messaging is a crucial component of each application, and is the route to deliver information to clients’ customers,” commented Mike Thompson.

The innovative nature of Reynardine Software’s applications was recently recognised by its peers, as TextQube won the inaugural SMS Developer Challenge. This global competition saw TextQube awarded the title by a card of SMS luminaries.

Range of Services

TextAnywhere empower organisations across both the commercial and public sectors to communicate better with text messaging services that enable the sending and receiving of SMS messages, through online and email applications.

They also offer a Developer Toolkit for clients to integrate texting into their own applications, as well as a White Label service for partners who wish to offer TextAnywhere’s services as their own, to find out more email us at  

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