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How local authorities can help manage crises through effective communication

It is vital that governments lead the way with effective communication in times of crisis. Both tone and content are important considerations and getting this balance right was what led Italy to report a developed attitude of awareness amongst citizens. See our tips below for timely, accurate and transparent risk communication.

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How to successfully manage remote teams

Business continuity is likely a top priority for businesses at the moment and here we have highlighted a few key points that you can focus on, to ensure that having a remote workforce will have minimal impact on your business.

The role of personalisation in customer communication

Personalisation has a significant impact on the success of communications. So much so, that 75% of marketers believe customisation of customer messages leads to a higher click through rate. Learn which areas your brand should be focusing on to maximise your customer communications today.

The changing landscape of customer service

Given that 81% of service professionals believe that their customer service needs to transform, to remain competitive. Learn which areas your business should prioritise to ensure this transformation is successful.

What does good customer engagement look like?

Given that a fully engaged customer will deliver 23% more revenue than the average consumer, brands need to ensure they have an effective strategy in place. Read on, to find out what we think are some of the more important areas to prioritise, in a bid to enhance your brands customer engagement.