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How local authorities can help manage crises through effective communication

It is vital that governments lead the way with effective communication in times of crisis. Both tone and content are important considerations and getting this balance right was what led Italy to report a developed attitude of awareness amongst citizens. See our tips below for timely, accurate and transparent risk communication.

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SMS competitions – why use them and when

Competitions are a great way of increasing the interactivity between your brand and consumers. Sms competitions are fun and offer a clear benefit to consumers; a key concern with sms marketing is to be adding value so as not feel intrusive.…

Why use SMS Marketing

Mobile marketing is increasing rapidly; it is predicted that by 2015 the UK mobile advertising market will be valued at £992m (FirstPartner), up from £83m in 2010 (IAB). There is a lot you can do with mobile marketing aside from bulk…

SMS Campaign Writing Tips

Writing effective ad copy for a bulk text messaging campaign with just 160 characters may seem like a lot to ask, but following these tips should help to ensure you get the best out of your SMS efforts. Never use text…

Make Your SMS Campaigns Measurable

We’re happy to announce the launch of our first in-depth guide to help you make the most of your SMS marketing. A recent study by the British Office for National Statistics showed that 45% of internet users used a mobile phone…