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The power of SMS surveys

As 95.3% of consumers said they would respond to an SMS survey, delivering your brands survey via text message could prove very effective. See our best practice tips below.

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SMS Marketing for B2B Companies

Finding the best marketing strategy for B2B communications is often more challenging than for B2C as not only do B2B companies need to understand the business they are communicating with, but they also need to understand those companies’ own customers too.…

SMS Marketing vs. Email Marketing

This post looks at how SMS marketing squares up to the longer standing marketing method of Email. First, a quick overview of the benefits and draw-backs of the two marketing methods; SMS Marketing Pros Email Marketing Pros Send out time sensitive…

SMS competitions – why use them and when

Competitions are a great way of increasing the interactivity between your brand and consumers. Sms competitions are fun and offer a clear benefit to consumers; a key concern with sms marketing is to be adding value so as not feel intrusive.…

Why use SMS Marketing

Mobile marketing is increasing rapidly; it is predicted that by 2015 the UK mobile advertising market will be valued at £992m (FirstPartner), up from £83m in 2010 (IAB). There is a lot you can do with mobile marketing aside from bulk…