Partner Toolkit

In addition to the Gateway API message-sending services, we also provide partners who wish to integrate our services into their own application that is deployed to their clients, the ability to enable their clients to create a TextAnywhere pre-pay account and purchase message packs from within their application, rather than through our website.

As a software vendor you can use the methods of the Gateway API to send and receive SMS messages from within your application. If your application is then deployed to your clients, each client would traditionally have to visit our website, register for an account, have us open the account, and then the client would go back into your application to enter their TextAnywhere account credentials.

To purchase message credits, the client would login to their TextAnywhere account and go through the buy credits process to purchase a message pack.

With the Partner Toolkit we provide you with additional functionality to the Gateway API to enable your application to create automatically-opened, pre-pay accounts on our system, and to enable your clients to securely purchase text messages with their credit card, without having to leave your application.

The Partner Toolkit is designed to make the process of opening an account and purchasing messages much easier and quicker for each of your clients, without the client having to exit your application.

You can find details of the available methods and functionality on our dedicated website for partners, the Partner Developer Centre.

For further information or top have the Partner Toolkit functionality enabled on your account, please contact us on 0845 122 1302.