SMS: For effective
business communication

90% of all text messages are read within 3 minutes

With an open rate of just 20.9%, email struggles to attract interest from customers. Using SMS, you benefit from an open rate of 95% meaning your business can communicate more effectively than ever before.

20 free credits. Full platform access. No commitment or credit card required.


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conversion rate

“After researching a variety of texting products available on the market we actually tested a few to compare results. TextAnywhere offered us a free trial and were extremely helpful in getting our system set up. There was a personal touch which many of the other suppliers did not offer and we also felt comfortable that the TextAnywhere SMS solution used UK based operators, which was one of our key requirements. I would certainly recommend TextAnywhere as a very useful partner for digital marketing activity.”

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Our Service/Promise

First class customer service

Unlimited technical support

Fully ISO accredited

Extensive developer toolkit

Simple online application

No grey or blended routes

Excluding maintenance, no system outages since 2004

No expiration on credits within active accounts