SMS Alerts

Send SMS alerts to a defined list of mobile recipients

Use our platform to ensure critical, time-sensitive messages, are distributed directly to recipients as quickly and reliably as possible.

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Getting started with SMS Alerts

Our TextAlert service was created to be paired with systems that already send alerts through email. As SMS benefits from an open rate of 95% and a timely 90% of all messages being opened within 3 minutes; being able to redistribute email alerts as text messages, can save vital time.

Setting up SMS Alerts is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Register your TextAlert email address
  2. Predefine the list of mobile recipients that need to receive this alert
  3. Ensure critical messages are automatically delivered via email, to your TextAlert address

Once up and running, the service will then automatically forward these alerts as text messages to your predefined list of mobile recipients.

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How can SMS Alerts work for you?

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Deliver critical alerts

The SMS Alert service can have significant advantages for businesses managing systems which require strict monitoring; for example, the performance of vital computer systems. As SMS is more likely to be seen and seen more quickly than an email, you can save valuable time by ensuring the alert is delivered to engineers as a text message.

For more information on using SMS Alerts for critical information, head to our use case

Maintain stringent protocols

This service can also be particularly useful for businesses that need to manage stringent environment protocols. Perhaps you work in a laboratory and certain rooms need to remain at specific temperatures. You can set up your email alert to be forwarded as an SMS message to engineers and scientists, whenever a room temperature drops or exceeds the optimum, to ensure the best chance of an efficient response.

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Never miss a message again

SMS Alerts aren’t necessarily just for critical emails. You can also use this service to take regular emails from a work or personal email account and forward them to your mobile phone, guaranteeing you never miss a message again.

To see just how easy it is, head to our FAQ on setting up SMS Alerts

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Timely delivery

Broadcast alert messages to any number of key personnel in seconds

Multiple alerts

Register as many TextAlert accounts as required, each will have a unique email address and can be managed from your secure online account

Forward up to 918 characters

Send up to 918 characters of an alert message direct to mobile phones

Manage recipients

Monitor and edit your recipient list with ease using our secure online address book

“TextAnywhere is a very easy and practical solution to a potentially large communication problem. We can log in to our account and set up a bulk SMS message to 1,200 engineers and send it immediately to the entire stored database, or we can even plan a specific send time. We can also use the service to send individual or group texts. This way we can always be sure that every member of the team has received critical information on time.”

Fire and Security - Use case