SMS Shortcodes

Make it easy for customers to remember you

Shortcodes are 5 digit numbers such as 84025, that can be used for a wide variety of purposes including advertising and helplines.

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How the SMS Shortcode service works

When setting up a shortcode service you have two options:

  1. Dedicated shortcode – 5 digit number, exclusive to your business with an unlimited number of keywords
  2. Shared shortcode – 5 digit number shared with other companies, with a specific keyword for your business. The combination of these is then used to map communication to the relevant business.

Keywords can be specific to your business, for example you could have a shared shortcode of 81025 but one company could use the keyword CAR and another, the keyword CAMBS:

‘Text CAR to 81025 for more details on our new car offers’

‘Please contact the Council by texting CAMBS to 81025

You can try both of these examples to give you a real feel of how shortcodes work in practice – you’ll just be charged your standard rate for sending a text message.

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How can SMS Shortcodes work for you?

Build your customer base

Shortcodes are a great opportunity for customers to express their interest in your business. For instance, a driving school instructor could advertise their shortcode and keyword so anyone interested in driving lessons could get in touch by texting ‘LESSONS’ to 86025. A list of all recipient contact numbers would then be collated within the TextAnywhere platform and accessed by the instructor to be followed up at an appropriate time.

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Information and helplines

Another popular use for our Short Code service is when setting up information or helplines. The call to action could be ‘For more information text ‘INFO’ to 84025’. You could then set autoresponders to reply to individuals with information on when they can expect a call from the helpline team. If received within business hours, this could be within the next hour, outside business hours, perhaps the following morning.

For more information on the benefits of Short Codes, head to our FAQ

Making the most of Short Codes

To help you make the most of your 5 digit communications, we have four online applications that enable quick and uncomplicated set ups for your short code service:

  1. TextQuiz – Run straightforward, single question, multiple choice competitions
  2. TextVote – Host a vote via SMS with collated results available for download
  3. TextBack – Set up a simple, automated text response service
  4. TextList – Run your own subscription service and have TextAnywhere manage your list

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Mobile tariffs

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Developer friendly

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Set up one of our online autoresponders, to send a set text message template to recipients based on keywords or time triggers

“Our customers much prefer an SMS as a means to be kept in touch with their policy, or as a reminder of an action they need to take. We have also found that a customer is much more likely to contact us if we send them a text message request, than if we call or email them.”

Wayne Lee