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Why use our automated text service?

Make SMS work for you; take back time by automating customer communication.

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Reduce workload

Replying to individual messages takes time. Get time back to focus on business with auto replies.

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Nurture leads

Improve customer service and nurture leads. Automated SMS allows you to reply to your customers instantly all day, every day.

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Manage contact lists

Automatically organise your contacts into lists based on keywords or actions.

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Bespoke rules

Easily create custom rules or filters to craft the perfect automated message for your organisation.

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Hassle free, reliable and low cost

We empower businesses to communicate in a smarter way.

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Encore Fashion

“TextAnywhere’s service has allowed Encore to maintain a personal relationship with customers through SMS communications. Founder and Director, Paul Woods, prefers SMS over other communication channels as ‘it creates a more personal connection with the customer, it makes them feel valued’. Encore Fashion sends 3,000 – 5,000 messages a month, usually communicating details on sales and special events for selected customers.”

Paul Woods
Founder and Director

TextAnywhere a picture of Encore Fashion case study image.

How can automated texts help your organisation?

Leverage automated SMS to complete sales, improve customer service or collect feedback.

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  • Appointment reminders – Reduce no shows with automated appointment reminders.
  • Delivery updates – Notify your customers when their parcel is ready to collect or when it will be delivered.
  • Payment reminders – Automatically remind your customers that their invoice is due with a link to pay.
  • Customer surveys – Follow up sales by automatically sending tailored SMS surveys.


 SMS automation allows you to automatically manage a series of activities relating to the messages received using simple rules and filters. You can set up an auto reply in 6 steps:  

  • Click the SMS automation tab
  • Click the “add new rule” button
  • Name the rule
  • Choose the position
  • Click the “add filter” button and choose a filter option.
  • Choose the automatic answer option and compose your automatic response.

Unfortunately, the answer for this isn’t clear cut. It depends on your organisation and customer base. 

It is however important to be aware that you are sending messages directly to an individual’s mobile phone and therefore it is important not to bombard them.

If you are using SMS to update people on the progress of a project or regarding a delivery, then it could require daily messages. If you are sending marketing messages to inform customers of a deal or offer your messages will be more effective if they’re well timed and thought out rather than sent regularly.

It is a careful balance, as you do not want your contacts to get jaded from receiving a repetitive message from your brand.

You can choose what 11 characters you send with a message.This helps to identify you to the recipient.Or you can send a phone number with the message which will allow the recipient to reply to your message.

Sending your own identifier with the message

When sending a text message, you may wish to use the field that normally displays the phone number of the message sender to show any 11 characters of your choosing. Examples of this use include “City Garage” or “Delivery Driver”. This helps to identify you, as the sender of the message, to the recipients.

Sending your chosen number with the message

Simply enter your chosen 11 digit phone number. 

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