Email to SMS

Send SMS from any email system to any mobile phone

Our straightforward service allows approved users to send SMS messages from their existing email account – no additional training required.

20 free credits. Full platform access. No commitment or credit card required.

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How the service works

TextEmail is arguably one of the most straightforward ways to get started with SMS communications. To use the service, you just need to create a TextAnywhere account and to set the chosen email address as an approved sender. For full guidance on how to do this, head to our ‘Email to SMS’ video.

Once your account is set up just enter the mobile phone number of the recipient, in the ‘To’ field of your email, in the following format: phonenumber@EmailDomain

TextAnywhere has four variations of: @EmailDomain, each providing slightly different features including character limitations, further details of these can be found here. Once you have selected the correct @EmailDomain, you can then send text messages as easily as emails:

  • No additional software or integration is required
  • Use existing email address books, contacts and distribution lists
  • Send messages to individuals or large groups of recipients in seconds.

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How can Email to SMS work for you?

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A smooth introduction to SMS

When introducing new communication channels, it can often mean individuals are required to log in and out of various systems to organise business messages. But with TextEmail users can send a text message by simply writing an email and pressing send, meaning everything can be managed from within their existing email account.

To see just how easy it is to send a campaign via Email to SMS, watch our short video

Receive replies direct to your email inbox

Another great benefit of using Email to SMS is that all replies are automatically delivered to your email inbox. Again, this means your employees only have one system to monitor and it makes it easy to ensure that once received, replies are responded to efficiently.

Learn how Email to SMS can be used to smooth the recruitment process

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Extend your corporate governance policy

Email to SMS can also present a great opportunity for companies wanting to extend their corporate governance policy to SMS, safeguarding the swift delivery of critical, time sensitive information. As all of our messages are delivered using UK operators, you can rely on TextAnywhere to deliver your messages quickly and securely.

To see how companies are transforming their business communications, head to our Business Continuity use case page

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Send automated SMS messages from any system, for example, set appointment reminders to be sent to patients 2 days prior to their appointment


Feel completely at ease and set restrictions to ensure messages are only sent from trusted employees. You can do this by introducing PIN protection or specifying approved IP addresses

Transparent pricing

Only pay for the SMS messages that you send. All replies and delivery confirmations you receive are free of charge

Send worldwide

Users can send text messages from anywhere in the world, paying local rates in any of the 225 available countries.

“The TextAnywhere service is very simple to use as well as being highly cost-effective. Like most business people, I was looking for the best deal available, along with sound technical support. I can safely say that TextAnywhere had the best deal anywhere.”

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