Using SMS Marketing in Retail

25 July 2013 / Posted By Shaz Burden

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SMS marketing is a cheap and effective method that any businesses can make use of. One industry that particularly flourishes from using text message marketing is retail. Take a look at some of these interesting ways to target customers through SMS.

1. Notify customers about upcoming product launches: Make sure your customers are fully aware of your latest products and those that are about to be launched in order to generate as much hype as possible.

2. Keep your customers updated: There is so much your customers need to know about your business and using SMS is a great way to relay this information as regularly as you need to such as:

  • Store openings
  • Upcoming sales and events
  • Product recalls
  • General announcements

3. Exclusive information for members: Reward your customers with exclusive texts for those who have opted in to your SMS service or loyalty scheme. Let them know the latest about upcoming member shopping events or exclusive product discounts to ensure that they continue to feel valued by your business and continue their membership.

4. Giveaways and competitions: Everyone wants to be a winner so ensure that you run regular competitions and giveaways to boost interaction with your customers. SMS is also a great way to send out mobile coupons so your customers can receive discounts on the products they purchase the next time they shop in your store.

5. Run a short code service for your customers: To avoid your customers having to look up your store online or dial the store number, why not run a dedicated short code service? Customers can text a keyword such as ‘INFO’ to receive up-to-date information such as store opening times whenever they require it. This is a convenient service for them as well as a cost-effective strategy for your business.

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