Call Handling

Cloud comms specialist chooses TextAnywhere for core operations.

Background has been providing cloud solutions since 1991 and is considered one of the leading providers of text and call services, to organisations in a wide variety of sectors.

They offer a wide range of communication options, many of which are free at the point of use. Their cloud-based Media Contact Centre offers excellent Queuing Wallboards with SMS and Chat functionality. A brand new Lone Worker service recently introduced, allows organisations to monitor their staff using an Auto Text Response system (ATR).

SMS Services

The Auto Text Response system, creates the ability to set up individual jobs for each worker, with an automated request for response sent via text or phone call at pre-set time intervals. A live wallboard then shows worker status with an alert display for any workers who have not responded within their given time limits.

This is a very practical and useful facility for worker safety and has already been adopted by a number of County Councils in the UK.

*This is an example text message. This copy was not used by Call Handling.

Unique business applications

The key foundation of the system is the core service provided to Call Handling by TextAnywhere. Call Handling has made full use of TextAnywhere’s White Label facility and Developer Toolkit to create some very sophisticated call management and messaging services. This partnership is perfect for both companies as Call Handling are able to offer other TextAnywhere clients, lacking the key development skills, their extensive call management and messaging expertise should the need ever arise.

“The service and support we receive from TextAnywhere is excellent. Should we encounter any technical issues or have pricing concerns, we know that we will receive an immediate satisfactory response from the support team. I would certainly recommend the TextAnywhere service as a superb add-on to any business involved in regular customer communication”

Richard Armitage
Partnership successes

When asked about the partnership, Richard had this to say – “We have developed and built some excellent business applications on the core services provided by TextAnywhere. We have made full use of the TextAnywhere Developer Toolkit, which has been designed especially for system development professionals; and allows developers to integrate an automated text-messaging capability into existing applications and websites. It also enables the construction of new applications that incorporate text-messaging functionality with an easy-to-use SMS gateway API.”

Range of Services

TextAnywhere empower organisations across both the commercial and public sectors to communicate better with text messaging services that enable the sending and receiving of SMS messages, through online and email applications.

They also offer a Developer Toolkit for clients to integrate texting into their own applications, as well as a White Label service for partners who wish to offer TextAnywhere’s services as their own, to find out more email us at