SMS for business critical communications

Use SMS to ensure swift and reliable communication during an emergency situation

Business continuity planning (BCP) involves creating systems to enable your company to function as normal before and during the execution of disaster recovery. Whilst it isn’t possible to prepare for every eventuality, communication during any crisis is vital. By harnessing the power of SMS, your company can effectively communicate with employees and customers via a channel which boasts an average open rate of 95%, and user response time of 90 seconds.

95% average open rate

Send time critical messages with the click of a button

90% of messages read within 3 minutes

Use real-time reporting to track message delivery

Send to any number of recipients

Create contact lists and segments to facilitate quick messages

Secure, direct updates

There will always be times when a business needs to communicate rapidly with staff. For example, you may need to inform employees that due to a power outage, they need to work remotely until further notice, or simply to update them of a road closure causing issues with entry to a carpark. Contacting each employee individually could be both time consuming and expensive, but using TextOnline, you can create contact lists and segments to facilitate quick messages to colleagues or customers. And as all of our messages are delivered using UK operators, you can rely on TextAnywhere to deliver your messages quickly and securely.

View our how to send emergency communications video

Phone showing text message from a utility firm to recipient, notifying them of outage
Phone showing text message from a company to field worker asking them to confirm their status amid the severe weather

Two-way communication

In certain crisis situations, it may also be necessary to enable two-way communication so employees are able to respond to your updates. For instance, there may have been an earthquake and you need to ensure all personnel are safe. Using SMS Long Numbers you are able to send one bulk message to all staff asking them to confirm their status and location. All replies will then be sent directly to your TextAnywhere inbox, which can be accessed by dedicated personnel within your organisation. This can be particularly useful if your company has field workers or multiple locations.

For more information on using SMS in crisis situations, head to our fire and security case study

Mobilise teams

Companies may also encounter situations which require rapid mobilisation of specific teams. For example, a utilities company may need to fix a burst mains pipe as a matter of urgency and thus need to ensure their engineers are informed and mobilised as quickly as possible. By setting up an SMS Alert, you can ensure that an email, which could remain unread for hours, is forwarded onto relevant teams as an SMS. As SMS messages are read within an average of 3 minutes, this simple addition could help save vital time.

To see just how easy it is, head to our FAQ on setting up SMS Alerts

Phone showing text message from a company to engineer worker, mobilising their team into action to fix burst water pipe

Preparing your business for the unexpected can be daunting, but employee safety will always be a top priority. Ensuring you have a robust system in place to enable effective communication is crucial. For more information on how this can apply to different industries, visit our business continuity hub.

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