SMS for leisure

Boost gym attendance and member engagement with SMS

In the UK, 1 in 7 people are a member of a gym and this number is growing each year. Communicating with this large market can be difficult. With 91% of adults keeping their smartphones within arm’s reach, SMS is the ideal way to keep gym members engaged and up to date. 

Welcome new members

When a new member signs up, they may need an entry code to gain access to the gym. As SMS has an open rate of 95%, it is the most reliable way of sending members their code.

Our SMS API service can be integrated into a company’s own system to allow for a message to be automatically sent when a new member signs up. The messages can be customised to include the members name, code and membership details.

Phone showing text message from gym to recipient notifying them of updated entry code
Phone showing text message from gym offering recipient re-joining fee discount


Gyms usually have a range of promotions running, from referral bonuses to no joining fee discounts for ex customers. 

SMS allows gyms to communicate these promotions instantly to members. With our shortcode service, members can reply to messages and take advantage of promotions on offer.

Changes to opening times and classes

Unexpected problems can lead to the gym’s opening hours or class times changing. The earlier members are told about this, the more time they have to prepare. 

Through our bulk SMS, gyms can notify all members on their contact list of any unexpected change instantly. The members can be segmented into different groups to ensure the message is only sent to the right people. 

Phone showing text message from gym notifying recipient of unexpected temporary closure

SMS can improve member retention, attendance to classes and member reactivation for the leisure industry. Contact us today to take a Free Trial of our SMS services, or you can call us on 08451 221 302 or email us on