Partner Programme Use Cases

Integrate TextAnywhere within your business software to improve communication with clients and staff

Many organisations want to offer SMS within their own system or as an extension to their own products, however, not all organisations have the technical capacity or resources to do so. Through our Partner Programme, organisations can use SMS as part of their existing business system as a White Label Partner or alternatively can join our Reseller Partner Programme.

Selling SMS through your business

Companies focusing on CRM systems often specialise in hosting, bespoke development and customisation of these systems. They often want to offer SMS, but lack the funds and time to create a bespoke system. 

Through our White Label service, companies can use TextAnywhere’s end-user application, that will be designed using their own corporate branding. The White Label owner can charge their own price on users who send SMS through their service. 

Phone with text message updating recipient on application
Phone with text message from retailer offering recipient exclusive offer

Gain commission on referred clients

Through our Reseller Partner Programme, clients can be referred to TextAnywhere.

We manage the support and billing with the client. As a thank you for recommending our services to clients, the referring company gains commission on the revenue that is generated by the client each month.

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TextAnywhere provides commercial and public sector organisation with text messaging services. We also offer a Developer Toolkit which allows for easy integration into a company’s own system.

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