SMS for retail

Keep your customers up-to-date with your latest offers and increase sales with SMS

Online sales are now responsible for 19.9% of all retail sales. With customer spend shifting from in-store to online, it’s important that the retail industry utilises digital channels to keep in touch with their customers. 

Delivery notifications

When a product is purchased online, the majority of these orders will require home delivery. Deliveries will have various stages such as package dispatched, out for delivery and delivered.

SMS can keep the consumer updated with these delivery notifications. Messages can be sent to customers confirming when a delivery will be made. They can also provide an up-to-date delivery window, ensuring delivery can happen in a timely manner.

Phone with text message updating recipient on delivery window, giving option to rearrange if inconvenient
Phone with text message from company updating team on sales figures for the day

Sales figure updates

Within the retail environment, managers like to be kept updated with the latest sales figures. Especially for large chains with several stores throughout the country. 

Through our SMS service, tailored sales figures can be sent to store manages, regional managers and directors. This sends up-to-the-minute store and region performance data straight to their mobile phones. 

Special offers

75% of customers are happy to receive special offers via SMS. They want to know when the best deal is available on a product they are interested in.

SMS allows for tailored messages to be sent to customers offering special deals. The customers can be segmented into different groups to ensure the right offer is being sent to the right person.

Phone with text message from retail shop offering recipient exclusive offer

TextAnywhere’s SMS service allows retail organisations to keep their customers up to date with important communications. Contact us today to take a Free Trial of our SMS services, or you can call us on 08451 221 302 or email us on