The top 10 reasons to use SMS for healthcare 

There are around 15 million GP appointments missed every year due to no-shows and last-minute cancellations and only 5% of cancellations are made in time for another patient to fill the slot.This is an ongoing problem across a variety of healthcare…

Managing medical appointments in a healthier way during and after the coronavirus crisis

One of the more logistically tricky to solve is how providers can manage their appointments with patients, given the changing social landscape that the virus is creating, and will leave behind.

How care homes can use SMS to keep families updated

During this challenging time, care homes have had to stop visits in a bid to protect their residents from the coronavirus pandemic. Clearly this has been very difficult for families but thankfully, using SMS, care homes can still send loved ones updates, helping them feel connected in uncertain times.

How healthcare providers can use SMS for better emergency communications

No matter the type of emergency, modern healthcare providers need to have plans in place should the worst-case scenario arrive. Here's how a mobile messaging strategy can help to get comms out to the largest number of patients in the fastest time.

How healthcare practices can use SMS to cancel non-urgent appointments

During the COVID-19 outbreak, we need to do all we can to ease pressure on the NHS. By cancelling non-urgent appointments with SMS, you can ensure messages are delivered via a channel boasting a 95% open rate.

How can technology help the NHS during the COVID-19 outbreak

At TextAnywhere we believe that the introduction of technology can help to support the NHS and its patients during what some are calling it's toughest challenge in a generation. Learn how different communication technology, can be used to relieve pressure on healthcare organisations.

Avoid the cost of missed Health appointments with SMS technology

Recent research has revealed that SMS technology can be implemented to reduce the number of missed GP and outpatient appointments.  Figures show more than twelve million GP appointments are missed each year in the UK, costing in excess of £162 million…

How can the NHS and Healthcare utilise Text Messaging

Question….Can a simple Text Message help the NHS? Answer…. A resounding YES! Now doctors, healthcare workers and administrators can employ SMS technology to improve healthcare services for patients and relieve their workload at the same time. Because SMS messages are targeted…

Using SMS in an emergency

Whilst SMS services are a great way of pushing marketing messages, it’s also a direct way to opening communication to the public in emergency and life threatening situations. Below we have explored just some of the scenarios where text messages have…

How the Healthcare Services can save money with SMS Marketing

In an economic uncertainty, both consumers and businesses are feeling the pinch, and the medical industry is no exception. It goes without saying that saving on outgoings is a huge priority, and marginal changes in the way we interact in the…