How can charities benefit from using TextAnywhere?

13 June 2013

If you are running a charity and are looking to boost awareness of your campaign then you might want to consider using an SMS service. There are a number of benefits to using an SMS service as well as a range of advantages that are unique to TextAnywhere users only.

Please read on to find out more information about how an SMS service can help your charity:

The benefits:

  • Receive donations via SMS: Because sending an SMS message is so simple and instantaneous, it is a great way to encourage people to donate. Members can immediately donate an amount of money (decided upon in advance by your company) as quickly as it takes them to send a text message which will be received by you in a matter of seconds. This takes away all the hassle that comes with traditional forms of donating such as postal contributions. Huge annual charity events such as Comic Relief, Sport Relief and Children in Need have all long been reaping the benefits of using SMS to collect donations. Last year, for instance, Sport Relief managed to raise £7.9 million alone from text donations. This has sparked such campaigns as ITV’s Text Santa, which solely relies on SMS to generate profits for charities.
  • Raise awareness: As important as raising money is the need to raise awareness of your campaign. SMS messaging can be a great way to do this as you can contact those who are already subscribed to your texts and quickly supply them with important news, information and announcements that will be delivered direct to their mobile phones. Traditional forms of marketing such as newsletters can often be overlooked but text alerts ensure that they are positioned right where your members can see them and respond to them as a result. Text messages are also easy to forward on to others in the recipients address book and the information enclosed can also be spread by word of mouth.
  • Increase membership: In order to boost membership rates for your charity you can make use of SMS messaging. Encourage SMS subscribers by sending messages prompting them to sign up to a monthly e-newsletter or to visit a relevant section of your website in order to complete their membership. Again, further interest in becoming a member can be generated due to the ability for SMS messages to be forwarded on to others.
  • Discounted service rates: TextAnywhere are happy to supply registered charities that wish to use our services with discounted rates. This means that you can still gain access to the same quality services but at a reduced cost so that you can concentrate on raising larger profits for the cause you support.
  • Get personal with donators: It is incredibly important for donators to know how appreciated their contribution is. You can set up automated text messages to thank them for their donation and also to address important information to them personally.

For more information on how your charity can benefit from TextAnywhere’s services then please contact a member of staff on 08451 221 302.

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