SMS Services for Hospitals

16 August 2012

In the current economic climate most companies have to make reductions to certain areas of their business to ensure that they are not wasting valuable funds. This is also true for health services, such as hospitals, which need to make sure that they are delivering the best quality service for patients while keeping costs down. One way to do this is to look for alternative ways to communicate with patients that are just as efficient but with a smaller financial impact. This is where using SMS services can help.

Sending SMS messages to patients is quickly becoming a more favourable option for relaying important information over more traditional forms of communication such as writing letters and making phone calls. This is because SMS services are not only speedy and reliable, but are also a much cheaper way of getting the message across. These services also have a wide variety of benefits and uses.

Hospitals can send appointment reminders and scan dates to patients, for a small sum, knowing that the information will be delivered straight to the mobile phone of the patient as nowadays most people carry a mobile device on them at all times. Sending a letter or calling a landline number can be overlooked or misplaced by the patient. As well as this, a number of text messages can be sent to the patient leading up to the day of their appointment which can be read and responded to quickly and efficiently.

Finally, hospitals are beginning to use text messaging services to send out results to patients that are clear and don’t require a follow up. Usually, results for x-rays, scans and tests can take weeks to be returned which can be lengthened further by the postal service or by phone. By sending messages to a list of patient who are awaiting results, valuable time and money can be saved which can be used elsewhere within the health service.

To find out more about how SMS messaging can help your business, call our customer service team on 08451 221 302 who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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