White Label SMS Service

19 July 2012

SMS marketing has proven in recent years to be a reliable and effective way of marketing to and communicating with clients. It’s no wonder then that a growing number of businesses have recognised the added value to be had from supplying SMS services to clients who wish to incorporate these solutions into their overall strategy. However, the cost and complexity of developing the software to create these packages can make starting up very difficult and time-consuming. This is where suppliers can benefit from using a white label SMS service such as TextPartner.

What is a white label SMS service?

White label SMS services offer your business a way to provide its customers with the SMS products they require without having to develop them yourself. TextAnywhere’s white label solution, TextPartner, works as a blank canvas that you can use in whichever way you see fit.  We can provide your company with as many as six types of start-up SMS software applications that each come with their own individual advantages. You can then pick and choose as little or as many of these services as you would like to sell to your customers. All our branding is absent from the software we create so that you can use these readymade templates customising them with your own brand throughout. There is even the option for your business to change the name of our software to suit your own personal preferences.

Here are some examples of SMS services that you can supply to your clients:

TextPremium: Allows your clients to create a unique short code that users can text to enter competitions or respond to information.

TextCampaign: Your clients can send a large number of messages in one go to users based on simple spreadsheet data containing their list of contacts.

TextMail: A simplistic and cost-effective solution that lets your clients send text messages to their customers via their current email provider.

Remember: you can always change the name of our services to suit you and your clients. For more information about the benefits that white label SMS services can provide, simply click through.

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