How to track your SMS Marketing Campaigns

21 January 2013

Like any marketing campaign you launch, the only way to tell if your SMS marketing campaign is effective is to keep track of it properly. This will help you to highlight the areas that are working well and the areas that require some changes. The best way to do this is to incorporate a number of tracking methods, some of which are listed below.

Keyword tracking: One way to track the success of your SMS campaigns is by keeping an eye on how many customers respond to certain keywords used in your texts. For example, if you are running a competition that requires customers to text a keyword such as ‘WIN’ to a designated short code to enter then it is wise to monitor how many customers text this short code compared with competitions run in the past. This will help you decide whether running such competitions is worthwhile and which products people are most interested in winning.

Call tracking: You can also keep tabs on the number of people who are prompted to ring a number supplied by you in your SMS messages. Urging customers to call for a quote on a service, to renew a membership, or simply to request information can all be tracked especially if you set up a number specific for this purpose.

Coupon tracking: It is easy to track how many customers respond to texts containing discounts simply by monitoring how many coupons are redeemed either in-store or online compared with how many messages were sent out in the first place. This will tell you how successful your campaign has been based on the redemption rate and can also be compared with other similar messages sent out in the past.

Google Analytics: Embedding a URL link into your text messages is a great way to track how many people respond to your messages. For instance, asking your customers to check out a sale on handbags along with a link to the relevant page on your website can be tracked using Google analytics to see how many customers have accessed this particular page using a mobile device.

There are plenty of ways to track the success of your SMS marketing campaigns and we have produced a short guide to help you further.

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