SMS Security

30 December 2014

Security is a huge concern nowadays. It seems that with every new communication method, there are more things that users need to be aware of: Emails might contain links to unsavoury websites, advertisements on the web still have negative stigma attached to them, and even the humble phone call itself can be seen as potentially disruptive due to cold callers. So what about text messages? After all, SMS technology has been around for decades now. Surely such an old system has vulnerabilities which can be exploited?

Actually, it’s quite the opposite: the very fact that SMS messages are based on old technology is what makes it so secure. Take hyperlinks, for example. When using links in emails or on the web, it is very easy to disguise the destination that a link will go to. For example, this link will take you to our home page, but there’s nothing in the link to tell you that. How do you really know where it will go until you click? (Alright, yes – you can hover the mouse over it until it tells you, but how often do people take that extra step?) Additionally, how do you know that this display link itself hasn’t been disguised? Unfortunately, most of the time the answer is that you don’t know where those little blue words will take you: you simply have to trust the source of information which you are viewing. However, links in text messages cannot be disguised in this way: there is no such thing as an SMS hyperlink, you simply have to write down the URL, giving any potential clickers (or tappers, as is the case with most smartphones nowadays) the chance to review the link and check for themselves whether this is something they want to view.

Similarly, there are many other features which are vulnerable to scammers and hackers which SMS simply doesn’t support. You can’t run a dodgy flash application in an SMS. You can’t cover an SMS message with gaudy or misleading ads. As for more advanced viruses, Trojan horses, worms and things of that nature – no chance! SMS is simply not capable of supporting such things – it’s just too simple. Much like a car with a manual gearbox as opposed to an automatic one, there’s simply less to go wrong. When you also consider TextAnywhere’s market-leading security processes and technical know-how, the picture is clear – SMS marketing is safe, secure, and far less vulnerable than any other form of mobile marketing around.

For more information on TextAnywhere’s security policies, simply go to the website footer and if you want more information on how SMS messaging can help your business, don’t hesitate to call us on 08451 221 302.

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