The Environmental and Economic benefits of SMS Mobile Marketing

4 September 2014

Previously, we have been through many, many benefits of using text message marketing for your business. In previous blogs we have spoken about the increased open rate, personalisation and ability to segment your audience and consumers into handy, easy to reach groups. But two benefits of business text messaging which hasn’t been covered, is how environmental and economic text message marketing really is!

Firstly, let’s start with the environmental benefits.

We are all, now more than ever extremely conscious of our wastage and energy consumption. Energy usage, waste and bill are perpetually within the public eye and at pinnacle of debate. This leads onto how much wastage we are creating in the environment and what we are going to do about it. If we are constantly thinking about recycling our plastic bottles and food wastage, why are we not thinking about the amount of paper used when marketing? Flyers, leaflets, stickers and cards are all very common culprits of wastage within marketing campaigns. And this is where text message marketing comes in!

For example, have you ever thought to instead of giving customers printed discount vouchers, you can send them promotions via mobile, in the form of a simple SMS. Genius! By using this form of marketing you are not only sending promotions directly to your customer, but also making sure that the way in which you are targeting this audience is having a minimal impact on natural resources.

The second unexpected benefit of SMS mobile marketing is the huge economic advantages.

Most companies expect that in order to carry out a successful marketing campaign, thousands of pounds need to be spent on various means of marketing. This doesn’t necessary have to be the case! Our text message service is extremely cost effective as you only pay for the messages you send.

This way, businesses of all sizes and scope are able to carry out marketing campaigns with the peace of mind of being environmentally and cost friendly.

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