10 Tips for Creating the Perfect SMS

5 January 2015

SMS campaigns are a proven means of delivering marketing and business promotion.  However, many texts that we all receive are lacking and do not grab our attention.  Following this simple guide will add to the effectiveness of any SMS campaign.

1. Test

Just like any other means of correspondence, make sure the content has been proof read for mistakes.  Send the message to your own mobile to check that it looks inviting and make revisions as necessary.

2. Grab Attention Immediately

You will have relatively little time to get anyone’s attention. This must be achieved as soon as the text or SMS is opened or previewed.  Use one or two words in capitals for this purpose that will make the reader want to continue reading the content.

3. Benefit to the Customer

Clearly explain what the offer or promotion is then explain its benefits to the customer.  You can then advise the position the customer will be in after benefiting from the product or service.

4. Use a Name that Appeals to the Audience

Include a name with the text so that it is visible by the recipient.  The name doesn’t have to be your company name but something with regards to the current promotion that is appealing to the potential customer.

5. Target Audience

If you are able to target the SMS campaign to a particular group or demographic then the content can be written in a suitable manner.  More technical or relevant content for the professional and more simple and clear for the lay.  If the SMS campaign is for a general audience then keep it easy for all to understand.

6. Grammar

While a lot of the younger generation can understand text speak the majority of us find it irritating.  Abbreviations can be used to save on characters but only use commonly understood ones.  Good grammar should be applied as with any business communication.

7. A Call to Action

This is what we want the customer to do after reading our SMS.  Make sure you have a specific call to action, e.g.  Text back by 10.00am or Phone 0800 …… immediately, whatever is relevant to your offer or promotion.

8. Keep It Simple

Do not try to include too much information.  You have limited characters and limited time to get your message across to a potential customer. Be clear and concise and make sure text is formatted in short sentences or paragraphs so that it is easy to read and understand.

9. Timing

Some reports have shown good responses to SMS campaigns that have been sent out after the morning rush in the early afternoon.  Obviously you don’t want anyone being sent a text at night or other unsuitable times.

10. Review and Revise

Keep records of previous campaigns to see their effectiveness.  Compare the content and approach used and also the time sent.  Revise as appropriate and continue this review and revise process.

For more information on running SMS campaigns, please contact a member of our Customer Service Team on 08451 221 302 or email [email protected].

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