10 Tips to Increase Your Mobile Engagement

1 July 2014

Marketing and advertising used to be one-way streets, but that has all changed. Now marketing is all about engagement, involving the customer in the process; but that’s easier said than done.

TextAnywhere has based its business on engaging the end-user with innovative SMS Marketing solutions that keep your customers coming back for more. More than simply a text messaging service, TextAnywhere is a mobile engagement platform that, used correctly, can help you forge closer relationships with your customers – and find new ones.

Here are 10 tips to increase the engagement on your next text message marketing campaign.

1. Give them something, now!

An offer is still the best form of SMS marketing. You know that, major companies do it every day. Did you know it’s best to put the offer in the first few words, though? Don’t bury it in the back end of the message, if it’s 50% off then lead with that.

2. Use personalisation tokens

Personalisation tokens insert the prospect’s name in to the text. It might seem a small thing to you, but it builds a rapport over what could be a faceless medium and increases the chance of engagement.

3. Make it exclusive

Send them a code, or make the show the text, and watch your engagement levels soar. You’ve presented a call to action and offered them something exclusive at the same time. You’ve invited them in to a club. That makes a difference.

4. Use segmentation

Profiling is a critical part of any marketing campaign. Use it and send different messages to each demographic.

5. Sell yourself properly

SMS marketing is a unique medium, but the basic rules apply. Sell your offer, use big words like “unforgettable”, “best offer ever”, and more. You’re in marketing, it’s no time to be a wallflower. With such a limited chance to make a big impression you need to go big or go home.


Text message marketing needs to grab the attention, fast. Big capital letters on your key points work.

7. Prize draws

They might seem old hat, but prize draws work. They’re easier than a competition, will engage your readers and, at the very least, show who is opening your messages and who is receptive to SMS marketing.

8. Use your company name

Sounds obvious doesn’t it? But every SMS marketer has sent at least one message without mentioning the company name. Don’t make that rookie mistake.

9. Make it a free response

People don’t like paying to text you back. They absolutely don’t like premium charges, it sounds like a scam. If your offer does include a premium rate, be up front, but avoid it like the plague as it will decimate your response.

10. Analyse your data and experiment

You need to know the best time to send your SMS marketing. So analyse your response rates, change the time and analyse again. Every business is different and every campaign has its own nuances. You owe it to yourself to find them.

For more information on how to improve your mobile marketing engagement rate, or whether you need some advice on effective SMS marketing, feel free to call our Customer Services team on 08451 221 302 or email [email protected].

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