5 Common SMS Marketing Mistakes

14 August 2013

There are a few errors that many businesses tend to make when creating their SMS campaigns. Avoid doing the same by reading these 5 common marketing mistakes:

  1. Forgetting to put in a call to action: The call to action is the most important part of your text message yet it is still often forgotten about. Whether this is to follow a link to your website or to text a specific keyword to a given short code, make sure you include the purpose of your SMS in a prominent position.
  2. Poor quality content: Once you have created your message check carefully the spelling and grammar to ensure that your message reads the way you want it to. Simple errors can reduce the integrity of your message and put customers off. It is also important to keep coming up with fresh content. Avoid using the same generic message each time you send out a promotion even if it is one you have run before as customers will soon get bored and the value of your message will be lost.
  3. No incentive to subscribe: In order to subscribe to receiving your text messages, most customers will desire some sort of incentive for doing so. Whether this is to receive special discounts every so often or to obtain information that they would not have access to without subscribing, customers like to feel they are getting value from a service.
  4. Sending messages too little or too often: Time is of the essence when sending out messages as sending too many messages too often can irritate a customer while too few can make customers feel that they are not getting a worthwhile service. Instead, aim to send out 2-3 texts a month packed with quality information and offers that your customers will genuinely want to receive. Of course this figure may not work for all businesses so it is important to monitor what works best for you.
  5. Not acting on your findings: Like with any campaign, you will get the best results from monitoring carefully the results you get from your SMS messages. Ensure that you are taking on board the information that these results are giving you and making the necessary changes.

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