5 Ways to Use Short Codes for Your SMS Marketing Campaigns

21 October 2013

TextAnywhere provide a range of shared and dedicated short codes to our customers through our SMS service TextPremium. Short codes have a range of benefits that see them being repeatedly chosen by businesses to run certain campaigns including enhanced memorability based on the shortened number length and instant deliverability. If you are thinking of opting for a short code service but are still unsure then check out some of the ways you could use your service below:

  1. To make a donation: Charity organisations can prompt users to donate a set amount of money by urging them to send a text message to a short code using a simple keyword such as ‘donate’ or ‘cure’. This service is easy to set up and recipients don’t even need the hassle of filling in forms or searching for card details to make a payment. Short codes can also be used in real time in conjunction with wider fundraising events such as Comic Relief or Water Aid.
  2. To cast a vote: Reality TV shows, radio programmes and awards ceremonies all use voting as a means of deciding the winners. A short code service can be a great way to collect the majority of these votes as it is a cheaper and quicker alternative than making a phone call.
  3. To receive a discount: Subscribers to your SMS alerts can text a selected keyword to your short code to receive a discount on a product or service. This can increase incentive for the recipient to use your product or service and to remain subscribed to your SMS alerts.
  4. To enter a competition: Another incentive that can keep customers loyal to your SMS service is to be in with the chance of winning further prizes. You can run competitions using a short code service by getting customers to text a particular keyword corresponding to their chosen answer. This could be a simple ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C’ response or the actual answer.
  5. To request information: Finally, another popular way to use a short code service is to allow customers to request information about a product or service whenever they require it. This request can be greeted with an automated response listing important information such as opening times, contact details or the latest company updates. You can use more than one keyword to correspond to the type of information that your customer needs.

For more information on the short code services we provide call our Customer Service Team on 08451 221 302.

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