5 Ways To Use SMS Short Codes To Maximise Business

14 September 2017

When people hear about short code and keywords, many associate this when entering a competition or casting their vote in a contest. Whilst this tool is widely used for such purposes and effective in doing so, this covers only a small area of how the product can really be utilised to its full potential.

Many businesses simply aren’t aware how versatile the short code and keyword tool is. Nor the massive potential it can bring to any business. To inspire your SMS campaigns we have disclosed the various ways you can use this small, but powerful tool to create a big impact for your business – now and in the future…

Build your database!

Your database is key to running a successful business and in particular SMS campaigns. You can use a short code keyword to help build your opt-in to SMS marketing. For example, you can get people to text “SMS” + their name to “81025” to receive important news and exclusive offers via SMS. Using a short code keyword to build any data listing, should you need an email or postal address to send additional materials. Adding the ability for the recipients to supply additional information after the keyword will add value, and assist with building your marketing communications records. Promote these short codes on registration forms, your website, via social media or detailed across any print materials you advertise

Generate inbound enquiries

Using a short code keyword can be a useful lead generation and sales tool. Ask people to register their interest in a product or service that you offer by implementing a short code. This makes it easier for sales people to track inbound enquiries and follow up quickly. You can get really clever and create an auto response for the particular keyword that could be associated to a product/service. For example, someone may text in the keyword “HOME” to find out more about your home insurance service. You can generate an auto response listing the details of home insurance cover with a relevant link included.  You can notify people to let them know someone will be in contact with them shortly to discuss home insurance cover. Texting into a short code saves time for the customer and is minimal effort for them. Promote these on product pages on your website or on any marketing materials such as catalogues or product brochures.

Create efficient customer service

SMS marketing doesn’t have to be about sales and promotions, it can improve your overall customer experience. Serve your customers better by using a short code to help bring them information that the customer service team shouldn’t be wasting time on. For example, if a customer wants to know the status of their delivery they could text in “ORDER” to a short code and find out the status of their parcel. This can be done by using our SMS API and integrating us into your software.Try and think of the popular questions that come into customer service, and see which ones could be handled via an automated system. This will reduce time wasting handling these calls and free up your customer service team to deal with priority requests in an efficient manner. 

Develop your Digital Marketing and Paid Advertising

When creating your paid adverts for social media or search engines such as Google, the competition is high and you want to stand out. One way in which you can captivate and grab people’s attention is by using a short code/keyword as a call-to-action. Depending on how you have set-up your campaign this could save you some costs as people may not click on the advert itself and text in the short code. Google recently added a click to SMS extension which allows people to text a company straight away from a Google Advert. It makes it easier for people to contact businesses and allows companies to respond more efficiently to enquiries. 

Create an engaging group

If you are running a group such as quitting smoking or maybe even a gym class – using a short code keyword can help. Get people to join your group by texting into a short code. They can receive daily, weekly or monthly updates around the topic. Statistics show that motivational text messages sent to smokers’ mobile phones can double their chances of giving up smoking. Research also found at 6 months people have NOT received positive motivational text-messages were twice as likely to quit than those who have received them. If you’re running a group for people to meet together on a certain day you can use this as a reminder service. A simple text message can help can increase the attendance rate by 45%.

So why choose TextAnywhere?

With TextAnywhere we offer a wide range of short codes and keywords from shared short codes, dedicated short codes and toll-free. We can help discuss with you what would be most suited for your business. Our fanatical customer service team will help set you up in no time and will be there throughout to assist you with any queries.

If you are interested in setting up a short code or would like to know more about our services talk to our friendly customer care team on 0845 122 1302 or email [email protected].

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