6 Astounding SMS marketing statistics

24 August 2022

It’s no secret that marketing is changing. There has been a dramatic shift in the way consumers prefer to be contacted. These days, it’s all about convenience and being present. Whilst some marketers and businesses remain skeptical, we think that the sms marketing statistics speak for themselves. There can be no doubt that sms marketing messages are now leading the way for customer engagement.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the statistics that are driving the success of sms messages as a tool.

1. Open rate of 97% – 4 times more successful than email marketing

Many businesses that use sms marketing are lured by the very low price. It is far cheaper than any other marketing channel. Using bulk sms you can reach as many subscribers as you wish instantly, across any network and, anywhere in the world. Yet, the biggest pull is the 97% open rate. The average person looks at their phone 85 times per day so it makes total sense for business communications to be sent directly to their phone. 

2. SMS click through rate is 15% higher than email

Only 22% of consumers prefer to receive marketing messages via email. It’s no wonder when you consider that on average we receive around 100 emails per day. This leads to mindless scrolling and the deleting of messages before they have even been read. Many marketing emails never even make it to an inbox, having been filtered out as spam.  However, lost or unread messages do not really happen with SMS as the average time to open an SMS is 90 seconds. 

Email marketing has long since been considered the most successful strategy for B2C marketing but, all that is changing because:

  • SMS marketing click-through rates can be 10-15% higher than email marketing campaigns.
  • The size of a mobile database is typically between 2 to 10% of a retailer’s email database.
  • A greater ROI is guaranteed. 

3. 77% of consumers say that businesses offering SMS services have a more positive image

This is because, we like to do things on our phone and we don’t like anything we can’t do on our phones. For example, there is nothing more frustrating than finding a restaurant online whilst using your phone that doesn’t allow you to book online. For many people, this is an inconvenience that takes up more time than is necessary. 

Dealing with companies that offer the ability to book, fulfil purchases, complete forms, and send reminders from the palm of your hand is a huge plus for consumers.

4. Over 75% of consumers want to receive promotional material via SMS.

Feedback on mobile marketing messages indicates that recipients would prefer it to any other method of communication they are likely to receive from you. Statistics show that 77% of consumers opt-in to receive coupons or to hear about deals and sales and 66% said they had even redeemed a special offer via text within 7 days of receiving it!

The reason this works so well is that all of your subscribers must be opted-in, which means that they are telling you that they want to hear from you. Opting in prevents sms marketing from becoming spammy. If a customer no longer wishes to hear from you, they know that they can opt-out at any time, which builds trust in your brand.

5. Consumers may prefer to use SMS for customer service

86% of people are being put on hold every time they call a business. The use of sms for customer services can:

  • Cut down on waiting times
  • Reduce staff levels
  • Decrease the amount of frustration felt by customers
  • Be a one-stop-shop, rather than allowing customers to be passed around to get their issues dealt with.

Two-way sms can be automated or even staffed by real workers depending on the level of personal assistance you can offer. It is predicted that more companies will opt for real-life responses on two-way sms in the future but, this approach will still help to reduce staff levels and relieve frustration. Sms customer service is a better fit for working from home too.

6. SMS appointment and booking reminders reduces no-shows by 26%

When a customer makes an appointment or reservation, automated sms can not only send a confirmation, but the database can set up reminders to go out to the same number. By personalising the message, the recipient will feel a greater responsibility for the booking. For example:

“Adam, just a reminder about your booking with us tomorrow. If you are still able to attend, text back “YES”. If not, please text back “CANCEL””

A cancellation response will allow a business to take another booking or appointment at late notice.

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