Don’t get spooked by mobile: 4 good reasons why businesses should not be put off.

21 December 2012

Mobile marketing is a diverse area of marketing despite being relatively new and it is still continuing to grow. For this reason alone it can be easy for businesses to feel apprehensive about venturing into such unknown territory and many tend to favour more traditional tried and tested methods instead.  However it is important to keep up with the times so we’re here to give you some valid reasons as to why it can pay to persevere with mobile marketing. You don’t need to throw yourself in at the deep end, try dipping your toe in the shallow end to start off with these handy tips.

  1. Plan your SMS marketing strategy: One benefit of SMS messaging is that it can be sent to any mobile phone as almost all types have the text message feature built in. So once you’ve come up with a plan of action pertaining to the type of messages that you wish to send your customers, you can immediately start distributing them to your client list. Purchasing SMS messages in bulk is inexpensive and you can send them out whenever, to whoever, and however often you like.  Just remember to check your messages before you send them to make sure you’ve included all the information you need and then your messages will be delivered instantly.
  2. Replace paper coupons with mobile ones: If you are planning to send your customers special offers, make sure they are SMS based. These types of discount are quickly replacing the original paper version in popularity. Many companies are also reporting a higher conversion rate compared to the paper varieties which could be partly due to the fact that they are easier to exchange, most people carry their mobile on their person all the time, and they won’t get lost or misplaced.
  3. Ensure that your website is mobile activated: Failing to do so is increasingly likely to put your customers off and cause them to choose your competitors that do have a mobile optimised site. It’s relatively cheap to convert to and maintain your mobile site and considering the increasing number of surveys declaring the popularity of mobile searches over desktop, it is likely to be very worthwhile.
  4. Keep all your listings in online directories up-to-date: Mobile phones allow customers to perform local searches while they are on-the-go. So, for instance, if you run a restaurant and there are other similar restaurants in your area, accurate and relevant listings will help you to appear above your competitors on search engines and stop your customers being put off by invalid details.

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