Ecommerce and SMS Marketing

10 September 2012

Since the introduction of the internet in 1990, the rapid increase in users has opened up a lucrative platform for businesses to operate from. This has created plenty of opportunity for the ecommerce market to thrive. Nowadays online businesses are thinking up a variety of ways to target their customers using advanced marketing methods.

According to a recent study by MobiThinking, over 77% of the world’s population own a mobile phone. Therefore it makes sense for businesses to use this huge statistic to their advantage by incorporating mobile marketing into their overall campaigns. SMS marketing is likely to be interacted with more frequently than email marketing accessed through laptops and computers or direct mail sent through the post due to the portable nature of mobile phones allowing them to be used on-the-go. This means that sending an SMS to a customer is the quickest and most direct way of interacting with them.

There are plenty of ways that businesses can use SMS marketing to target customers effectively. Here are just a few examples that can help to increase visibility and boost profits:

  • Promotional code: Send customers a code that they can use to receive discounts on selected products the next time they shop online at your store. This service can also be used to reward loyal customers who have recently purchased a product to give them a percentage off their next purchase.
  • Sale Information: Simply let customers know that you are having a sale. A short text can provide important details such as how long the offer will last, start and end dates, and which products this sale applies to.
  • Secure transactions: With online fraud becoming more sophisticated, a more secure way to pay online can make customers more willing to make purchases over the web. Set up a service that sends customers an automated PIN code via SMS when they begin their transaction. This must be entered along with the payment details online to complete the payment process.

The uses for SMS marketing in an ecommerce environment are endless. Browse the rest of our website to find out more about the SMS services we can offer to help you run your campaign.

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