Finding inspiration for your SMS campaigns

14 February 2014

SMS examples of Creative Campaigns

We are sure that sometimes we all find it difficult to come up with new ideas or get the creative juices flowing for that next big SMS marketing promotion.

Taking an unscheduled coffee break or a long walk round the office usually helps to shake off the writer’s block.  A brainstorming session with colleagues is also a great way to come up with new ideas and share the creative process.

Another way we have found is to look at successful case studies from a variety of other organisations.  From these studies we can see how others have implemented new ideas and approaches and how they have been welcomed by customers.

Paramount Pictures

SMS can be used to promote media and films as well as products.  With the launching of the new Katy Perry Movie consumers were encouraged to opt-in, to receive special content and information about the film.  In the days leading up to the release consumers were also sent a text message as a reminder to go and watch the film.

San Diego Chargers

The Chargers wanted a strategy to focus on retaining subscribers once they had signed up.  To do this they wanted their SMS messages to be more interactive to enhance the overall fan experience.

This strategy was welcomed by fans who were able to keep up-to-date with the team during the playing season and were also updated with useful information throughout the off-season.   Polls, quizzes and competitions were used in the campaign which also provided direct links to Twitter and Facebook.


This organisation is a leader in the use of SMS and text messaging to promote their brand.  Having their customers opt-in for SMS helps in building a good relationship and customers feel comfortable in receiving offers and promotions from a trusted source.

Starbucks used SMS very successfully to promote their ever popular Frappuccino Happy Hour.  Customers were invited via SMS to upload creative photos to Facebook and Twitter for a chance of winning a £10 gift card.

Starbucks also used good initiative when promoting their reward program.  A prominent call to action was placed in store for consumers to text the keyword ‘Gold’. Consumers received a text message in return, thanking for their custom which also provided details on the reward scheme.  The genius was the placing of the call to action next to the drinks counter where the customers waited for their drinks.


American candy brand Reese’s promotion was to increase custom via interaction with sports fans.  Reese’s ran a text-to-win promotion for a chance to win tickets to the 2013 NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament.

Customers were encouraged to text back for a chance to win one of the prestigious tickets.  Users were asked to forward their e-mail addresses in the following text which allowed Reese’s a further avenue to connect with their customers.  The text messages also provided a link to Reese’s mobile site where users could learn more about the tournament.


Coca-Cola’s Coke Zero was being promoted during the 2012 NCAA Basketball Championship.  Consumers could find codes on promotional bottles which they could use to text in for the chance to win a prize.  Coca-Cola also provided a clever interactive promotion where on-air keywords were displayed during the games promoted by an SMS call to action, for eager fans to text in to win promotional merchandise.

Using these examples we can see a number of ways that creative SMS campaigns lead to sales, brand awareness and the building of good customer relationships.  We will be sure to seek out and share more of these case studies on our future blogs.

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