How corporate companies use SMS marketing

24 November 2014

SMS marketing is becoming one of the favourite marketing techniques used by all players on the market. Business text messaging is used by all types of companies, ranging from large multinational corporations with millions of customers to smaller companies trying to build up an initial clientele. No matter the size and scope of the organisation, this type of direct marketing proves to be highly efficient.

This success is obviously built on the success of the text messaging service as a whole. Users engage primarily with mobile technology, and companies have long understood this is the medium they need to use in order to attract a dedicated consumer base, interested directly in their services and products.

Companies can use a text service to alert customers about impromptu promotions, new services or just strengthen the organisation’s presence. Unlike traditional marketing campaigns, SMS services possess the advantage of immediacy, conveying a message in real time, individually to each consumer. The uncertainty of costly and sometimes poorly timed TV and print campaigns is brushed aside by this modern, automated and highly flexible marketing medium.

Users who opt in to receive messages from companies clearly state they are interested in the company and what it has to offer. Companies thus have a very clear estimate of the potential customer base. These numbers allow companies to craft bespoke campaigns around a certain niche, a move resulting in significantly lower expenses and much faster turnaround times.

SMS marketing takes place entirely in the digital world. This medium is automated and can be fine-tuned to obtain precise and immediate results, be them demographic measurements, increased sales or brand exposure. Many case studies show that companies using this marketing tool experienced growth in terms of sales and brand positioning. Well garnered with an integrated social media campaign, a good text campaign can prove to be the spearhead of company growth.

Business text messaging campaigns also provide companies with invaluable interaction with the customer base. This medium can be used to undertake surveys and questionnaires, which will offer precise insight into the behaviour and expectations of consumers. The interaction will also strengthen the company’s importance in the consumer’s commercial spectrum.

SMS services are a natural step in the evolution of the way companies interact and sell their products to clients. Results are instantly obtained and can be compiled automatically into valuable data that would have costed a fortune to obtain just a few years ago.

TextAnywhere is a SMS marketing company offering complete services for companies and organisations. Services include, but are not restricted to: TextOnline, a quick and efficient method to send texts to individuals and groups and receive back receipts; TextCampaign, a platform for creating and managing large scale SMS campaigns; and TextSurvey, a complete solution for devising, sending and receiving answers to surveys.

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