How to get customers to subscribe to your SMS alerts

29 May 2013

While most businesses now understand the importance of getting their customers to subscribe to their SMS alerts, it can be difficult to know how to go about doing this. This feature will give you some handy hints to help you increase your subscription rates in next to no time.

Use existing customers to your advantage:

Use your existing customers to forward your messages to their contacts urging them to subscribe. You can offer incentives for every new subscriber that they successfully convert to make them more likely to do so. The best thing is that users are more likely to sign up if they have been recommended by a friend as they are likely to be someone that this person trusts.

Make the most of existing customer communication methods:

Try sending out links via email, on leaflets or on the website instructing customers on how to sign up to your SMS alerts. This way you are not missing out on customers who want to sign up but don’t know how. Also try using in-store methods such as posters and by ensuring shop assistants ask customers to subscribe when they are at the till.

Provide an incentive:

Everyone likes to benefit from a good discount or promotion. Try offering your customers an enticing reward for subscribing such as a discount coupon to use in-store or a free trial or upgrade on a service.

Ensure your customers understand the benefits of subscribing:

Too often, customers are not receiving enough information beforehand on the benefits of subscribing to a service. Make it clear why your customers should sign up. Incentives such as access to extra information, increased awareness about upcoming sales, and SMS based discounts will all make your customers more likely to want to subscribe.

Offer a range of sign up methods:

Make sure your customers have plenty of choice on how they can subscribe to your service. Whether it is through clicking a link on a website or email, filling in a form, or texting their details to a given number, providing a range of ways will ensure you maximise your chances of collecting subscribers.

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