How to Improve your Mobile Marketing Campaign

22 September 2015

Many businesses have mobile marketing included in their marketing strategy. Though this in itself is not new, creating one that drives clear results is not always as easy as it sounds. To help, we’ve given you four tips to consider when looking to improving your strategy.

Have a mobile friendly website

If your mobile marketing campaign includes a link to your website, and your website isn’t mobile friendly, there’s going to be problems. A website that isn’t mobile friendly generally results in a poor user experience, so if you’re sending customers to your website from your SMS campaign, make sure it is supported by mobile devices.

Make it social

If a current or potential client comes across great content that they want to share, make sure this can be done easily.  Mobile devices are perfect for social apps such as Twitter, which was born specifically for mobile, so by integrating your mobile marketing with other platforms, your message can go further.

How to improve your mobile marketing campaign TA

Reassess your objectives often

The goals you initially set for your SMS marketing campaign may have changed, or perhaps you’ve reached those goals and it’s time to establish some new ones. Running marketing campaigns with clear cut, realistic targets is key to understanding what you are trying to achieve. Reassessing your brand objectives often (not too often!) can help you drive your text campaigns forward and allocate budgets effectively by understanding what works and what doesn’t.

Organise your data

Tracking progress as well as frequently analysing the data you capture can help to improve future results. Think about what worked and what didn’t – why? This, combined with regularly testing out new campaigns can help to shape your mobile marketing strategy.            

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