Integrating TextPremium into your SMS marketing campaign

29 January 2013

No matter what type of product or service you offer, you can likely take advantage of our TextPremium SMS package. TextPremium allows customers to adopt a Short Code number of their choice to use in their marketing campaigns. This number provides you with two options. Either you can use the number as a free tool to allow customers to contact you or as ‘Reverse Billing’ which, if you choose to, will charge your customers for contacting you via this number. The method you choose to use all depends on what you are aiming to get out of your TextPremium package.

Here are some great examples of how TextPremium can work for you:

1. Request information: one of the most popular uses of Short Code messages is to enable customers to receive information by texting a keyword integrated with your Short Code number for free. For example by texting ‘INFO’ to the Short Code 88376 your customers could instantly receive information about your product or service. This cuts out the need for other methods of contact that are more expensive for the customer and require lots of unnecessary labour hours from your team. Here’s our example you’re welcome to try, text DETAILS to 81025 for more information*.

2. Host a competition: Our TextPremium service also allows clients to set up their own personal competitions with the ability to offer multiple choice answers. Your customers simply need to text ‘A’, ‘B’ or ‘C’ corresponding to their chosen answer to your dedicated Short Code to be entered in with a chance of winning.

3. Claim a reward or discount: You can keep track of the number of customers who respond to your offers by requesting that they text a free keyword in order to receive their reward. The opportunities are endless but one example could be that your customers’ text ‘OFFER’ to 82309 get a reply in seconds with a voucher for a free bottle of wine the next time they visit your restaurant, or 10% discount on their next in-store purchase.

4. Make a donation: Charities can use this service as a quick and easy way to take donations from customers. Simply setting up a keyword such as ‘DONATE’ will allow customers to be automatically charged an agreed sum of money just for sending the text, removing the unnecessary hassle that it takes for entering in card details or waiting to get through to a call centre.

5. Send a song request: Radio shows often use SMS services to allow listeners to text in with a song request or a response to a question, vote or competition. TextPremium can provide all these requirements and easily cope with thousands of entries to make the life of a radio deejay as simple as possible.

For more information on our TextPremium service simply click through to our product page.

* Please note that you will only incur your standard network message charge, based on your service provider rates and tariff package

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