Integration of Online Texts with Wider Marketing Efforts

15 March 2012

As we all know, integrating all of your marketing communications with one clear message and a similar feel is far more effective at driving a strong response from consumers, and sending texts online is no exception to this.

Setting up short codes for people to text in a word for more information, to receive an offer or enter a competition, is an easy way to integrate mobile marketing with other more tradition advertising methods such as TV and print. Mobile is a great way of making traditional mediums more measurable – determining effectiveness by response rates – and it also makes your brand feel accessible at any time.

Sending out texts can also broaden the reach of other mobile marketing efforts, as texts are not limited by device capabilities or data usage limits. Sending texts online can also assist consumers in finding a mobile app you may have created, remind them to use it or inform them of any updates. Texting can also drive people to other richer media experiences too, by providing a link to your mobile website for example.

The great thing about texting is that it is in real-time; you can let people know about upcoming offers, or reward customer loyalty with advanced offers. Mobile network O2 is great at this. You could also provide teaser content as a way of letting your customers know when a product or service is being released. Techniques like this are highly successful as they make consumers feel engaged with your brand, and more likely to notice your other marketing efforts and use your products or services as a result.

Integrating online texting is easy and can enhance your other marketing efforts at very little cost to you. Currently sending texts online is an under-used medium, possibly because texts have been around for so long they don’t have that shiny new feel to them, but they are incredibly effective for informing and engaging with your consumers, which is great when two-way communication and relationship building is so key to marketing now.

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