Love bomb your customers this Valentine’s Day with the best SMS marketing templates

30 January 2023

Internet Retailing reported that in 2022, 1.37 billion was spent on Valentine’s day gifts in the UK – an average of £22 per person. This is another notable date you can’t afford to ignore. If you want a piece of the action in 2023, read our guide to great Valentine’s SMS marketing ideas. We’ve even thrown in a custom template to capture all angles for you to use.

Boost your subscriber list

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to encourage customers and prospective customers to sign up. Why not create a mini Valentine’s welcome series? 

Use other marketing channels like email and social media to get your message out. For example, send a welcome email informing your subscribers about your SMS Valentine’s campaign. If possible, offer new subscribers something different than what they would usually expect to receive from an email marketing campaign. Your email campaigns have been well received in the past, but if you can encourage your subscribers to migrate over to SMS messages or get people to sign up for both methods of communication, you can cover all bases.

Template #1

Hi there! To say thank you for subscribing to receiving our texts, we are sending you all the love. Watch this space to be the first to receive exclusive discounts, news, gift guides, and new product launches. Use code LOVE23 to get 15% off a specially selected gift range.

Tempt subscribers with special offers

Many of your new subscribers sign up, hoping to get a discount. So, draw attention to what you’re offering this Valentine’s Day and sit above your competitors. Discount codes and vouchers can be used in your promotional emails (as well as SMS) as part of a continued effort to increase your SMS subscriber list.

It’s also a great idea to pull your marketing channels together and offer continuity, keeping branding consistent but offering different incentives for each. 

Here are a few incentives your subscribers will be looking for in their hunt for Valentine’s gifts and cards:

  • Discount code
  • Free gifts
  • Free delivery and tracking
  • Multi-purchase savers
  • Free gift wrapping

Template #2

This is a shout-out to all you lovers and friends this Valentine’s Day. We are offering free delivery on all gift purchases from 7th to 14th Feb! Click on the link to view our range of romantic gifts now! [Insert URL]

Get personal

Spend time getting to know your audience. What group demographic are you targeting, and how do they like to be communicated? 

Then, use what you know to personalise your content where you can. For example, using first names can build trust and brand loyalty and let your audience know you’re taking the time to grow a relationship with them. You can also use purchase history and send personalised offers on products you know they are partial to. 

If you have a wide variety of customers or engagers, separate your audience into groups. Ensure that no one is receiving unwanted messages, or you may quickly lose subscribers. For example, you may have customers who have suffered a recent break-up or bereavement, so Valentine’s Day may be the last thing they want to be reminded of. 

Template #3

Hi Rishi. We know that not everyone wants to acknowledge Valentine’s Day this year. If you would prefer not to receive our Valentine’s-themed texts, reply STOP VDAY and we won’t send you any.

Product launches

Do you have a new product you’re about to launch? Could it be Valentine’s-themed? If so, hold on to it and announce the product launch alongside/at the same time as your Valentine’s Day SMS series.

If you have Valentine’s-themed products that you don’t sell the rest of the year, shout about those too. Not all of your text messages need to be about giving stuff away or a discount code. Subscribers will want to hear about what’s new and different. This is one of the reasons they signed up to receive messages from you in the first place.

Template #4

Psst Theresa! Do you want to know a secret? Just in time for Valentine’s Day, we are launching an exclusive range of lingerie. To treat yourself or a loved one, click on the link to view the range [insert URL].

Gift guides

Some shoppers may welcome a helping hand when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts. Produce a gift guide and send it out via SMS to help people out. You could have just one gift guide or separate it into price points or the type of recipient.

You can have two-way conversations via SMS to ask your subscribers who they’re buying for or how much they want to spend and direct them to a gift guide tailored to their needs. Depending on responses, automated SMS can use trigger words to send the right guide to the right person.

Template #5

Daniel, do you have a special someone to buy a Valentine’s Day gift for? Reply to this text to let us know who you’ll be treating and we’ll send you the perfect gift guide.

Early access to themed products

In a bid to boost loyalty and create SMS content that’s not giving away discounts, allow your subscribers exclusive early access to your Valentine’s Day product launch.

People like to think they’re getting access to something others are not. It will also get your subscribers talking to their friends and colleagues about it.

Template #6

Thank you for being a loyal SMS subscriber! As a reward, you get exclusive early access to our limited edition Valentine’s Day range. Click on the link to view [insert URL]. Hurry whilst stocks last!

Abandoned cart reminders

Customers can often feel overwhelmed in the lead up to a special event. So, they’re susceptible to impulse buying which can lead to them adding items to their cart and later abandoning it. 

Integrate your SMS platform with your website/e-commerce solution to access up-to-date information about your customers’ website activity. When they interact with your site, you will know which products they were interested in but didn’t add to their basket. Send an SMS reminder informing them that you noticed they were looking and incentivise them to return and purchase the product. Offer discounts or let them know if you have limited item stock.

Tip: Create a sense of urgency with Valentine’s Day deals as discounts are for a limited period, and supplies may also run short.

Template #7

Hi Matt, are you treating a special someone this Valentine’s Day? We noticed you left this in your basket. If you still love it, come back and grab it quickly! We only have three left in stock!

Next day delivery

Valentine’s Day is often an occasion that gets left until the last minute. Your customers are going to welcome next day delivery. Offer a countdown to the big day via SMS and, nearer the time, remind them that they can take advantage of next day delivery.

Template #8

Hi Liz. Forgotten about Valentine’s Day? Don’t worry. With next day delivery available on all of our products, we’ve got you covered.

Don’t forget the call to action

For every SMS marketing message you send out, there should be a clear call-to-action. Without it, your recipients are just left floundering. They will wonder what the point of your text was and quickly dismiss it. 

Add a simple call-to-action such as; “Reply YES for further info” or add a link to take them straight to the right page of your website.

Get customer feedback

No matter how great you thought your Valentine’s Day promotions were, there’s always room for improvement. Ask your customers for feedback on your SMS campaign, product range, customer services, and delivery. 

Getting customer engagement following a purchase can be tricky, so an incentive might also be necessary.

Template #9

Hi Dominic. We want to hear from you! Help us improve our service by answering a short questionnaire [insert URL]. Once completed, you will automatically be entered into a prize draw to win a £200 gift card.

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