Types of Mobile Marketing

5 April 2012

Mobile marketing is a growing sector, however it is still somewhat under-used. The following is a quick guide to the mobile marketing world:

  • Mobile Web: having a mobile friendly version of your website is increasingly important as more and more people start to use their mobiles to search online. There are also advertising opportunities on mobile sites as you can create banner ads for them, or sell advertising space on your own mobile site.
  • Mobile Search: pay per click adverts are available on mobiles, currently there is less competition than on desktops but as more companies start to utilise it, competition will increase as there are only 2 spots per page, compared to 10 on desktops. It is wise to get testing now to create the history and quality score you need to keep a good position more easily. Pay per call ads are also available. These are ads that include a phone number which when clicked on, the phone calls the number without you having to save it in your contacts or hunt it out on directory enquiries.
  • Location-Based Marketing: this is a bit more technical and quite specific. It uses GPS to locate mobile phone users in their current location and sends localised adverts to them. Great for promotions by local restaurants and bars.
  • Mobile Applications: apps are a good way to connect with consumers as they can be easier to use than the mobile web. Some apps allow for adverts within the applications design too.
  • Mobile Games: similar to apps, games that a mobile phone user downloads can have adverts within them.
  • Barcodes/QR codes: these are the codes that can be featured on print adverts which are scanned by Smartphone’s with a barcode reader app, allowing people to receive more info, or an offer, on their phone via text message.
  • Multimedia Message Service (MMS): these are messages sent to mobiles that contain video, picture or audio content and can be used by marketers to send out adverts or information. For example, a magazine could send a clip of a song or mini film trailer to entice people to buy their magazine or visit their website for more.
  • Short Message Service (SMS): text messages are compatible with every mobile phone and are great for sending out time sensitive information. They can also be used to direct people with compatible phones to other mobile marketing efforts such as downloading a game or app, or visiting your company’s mobile website. Vouchers are a popular use for SMS, as are short codes which can be used to create a more two-way interaction between your brand and your customers, e.g. asking people to respond to a survey to gauge consumer opinion, text for a promotional discount code, or simply text for more information. Here’s our example you’re welcome to try, text DETAILS to 81025 for more information. Please note that you will only incur your standard network message charge, based on your service provider rates and tariff package. SMS short codes are also great for competitions, as they require much less effort for marketers to run and for people to enter, compared entering via post for example.

As you can see there are lots of avenues into mobile marketing. Mobile search and banner ads are good for finding new customers, whereas SMS marketing and MMS are great for interacting with your existing client base and directing them to your mobile site or games and apps. As with all marketing, once you know what your goals are, you can decide on the best mobile marketing method to help you achieve them. Remembering to integrate your mobile efforts with your other marketing is key.

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