Using SMS Marketing to target young people

18 April 2013

Text messaging has long been a popular method of communication for teenagers and young adults before its benefits were picked up on by users of older age groups. Therefore, if you are looking to target young people, it makes sense to use this original favourite. Here are some good examples of how to use SMS marketing to help you attract young customers.

Offer mobile coupons: Most young people have their mobile phones on them wherever they go. Therefore, offering mobile based coupons will increase the likelihood that these discounts will get used by young customers and decrease the possibility of these coupons getting lost or damaged.

Upcoming product launches and sales: Many teenagers and young adults find it important to keep up with trends and always maintain the latest fashion through their purchases. By notifying young customers through SMS of upcoming product launches and providing information about sales, they can be assured that they are in the know at all times and you can increase your likelihood of a purchase.

Run youth related campaigns: SMS can be a great way to run campaigns that are aimed at young people in particular. Anything from urging teens to text a keyword to a specific short code to be in with the chance of winning a prize, or using a similar medium to get young customers to enter a poll or vote can be a great way to boost campaign awareness.

Circulate student specific discounts: A great way to increase knowledge and spending is to personalise your SMS marketing campaigns. For instance, targeting young people through SMS with student specific discounts will help your customers to feel they are cared about and catered for by your business. Discounts are also a popular way to increase customer interest via text message in general.

Make messaging fun: Ensure that your messages are suited to the age group they are trying to target. As a tech-savvy generation it is important to provide texts that are not only relevant to teenagers and young adults but visually presented as so. Include an assortment of media attachments such as web links and photos that will be appreciated by a young audience and that are relevant to your campaign to get young people more involved.

For more information on using SMS marketing to target younger audiences and customers please call our Customer Service team on 08451 221 302 who will be happy to talk through your ideas.

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