Using SMS to Prompt Renewal of Services

9 October 2012

SMS services offer a fast and efficient way to keep in touch with your customers and to send out the information they need to know as quickly as possible. Another great way to use such a service is as a way to remind customers that they need to renew their membership when it is coming to an end.

Using a package like TextInbound, you will receive an 11-digit phone number from which you can send SMS messages and receive responses. Once this has been set up you can construct your messages using an email account attached to the number and send them straight to the necessary clients within seconds. It’s simple and can be used for a variety of different services that require renewals. Here are some of them:

  • Football clubs can alert members using text messages for when it is time to renew their membership. You could prompt your customers to renew their membership by sending one or two SMS messages periodically, a few weeks in advance; listing the number or website they need to visit to renew their membership.
  • Car tax, insurance and MOT’s are all very important motoring requirements that customers need to remember to renew but often forget. Sending a renewal reminder direct to their mobile phones is more likely to prompt people into organising these issues before they run out of time.
  • Leisure Centres and Gyms can remind clients to renew their memberships via SMS so there are no unwelcome surprises when they turn up for their next exercise class, or to use the facilities, and find that they are no longer a member.
  • DVD rental companies can use SMS renewal services and perhaps even add in an extra incentive such as a free DVD rental or 1 month extra membership for free if customers sign up within an allotted time.
  • Internet gaming sites might like to send their account holders an SMS when their monthly online top up is close, or as a reminder to come back and play if they haven’t been seen online for some time.

There are so many ways to use SMS services to remind customers to renew their memberships. The service can either be used to prompt customers to visit a website or phone a dedicated number for renewals, or simply by responding to the SMS with a certain keyword such as ‘RENEW’ to automatically renew their membership.

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