Why Everyone’s Talking About Mobile Marketing

27 November 2012

With the number of mobile phones in use across the globe reaching into the billions, more and more businesses are realising the importance of incorporating mobile marketing into their overall business strategy. There is huge potential surrounding the mobile market and a vast number of benefits that make integrating this portion of the marketing arena appealing. It’s no wonder then that mobile seems to be the buzzword in marketing these days.

Here are some of the reasons why mobile marketing is becoming increasingly popular:

  • It’s instantaneous! Most people carry their mobile phones on their person almost all of the time, which means that they are able to access mobile content and SMS messages immediately. This includes responding to advertisements that they see while on the go rather than waiting until they get home which is likely to result in them forgetting about it. Mobile marketing is a far quicker and more effective way for businesses to interact with their customers at all times.
  • It’s more sociable! The ability to access social media platforms via mobile phones allows companies to develop their mobile marketing strategy in conjunction with online marketing such as social media use. This increases the opportunity for customers to see a more personal side of businesses. It also makes it much easier to get meaningful responses from customers to help improve the business based on the feedback received. SMS marketing also allows for a two way conversations to be held between the business and the client, so that they can receive direct responses from customers through an opt-in, and therefore willing, service.
  • It’s low cost! Mobile screens are much smaller than the average PC or laptop which makes designing content such as advertisements for mobile handsets and tablets more economical and easier. SMS messages are also a much more cost effective option than a traditional print advertisement campaign, and text message discount coupons are inexpensive compared to the paper option.
  • It’s the future! The mobile technology market, including products such as smartphones and tablets, is continuing to grow rapidly with no signs of slowing down. To accompany this, businesses are continuing to design apps and specialised mobile-activated websites that can be used on these devices. With technology advancing so quickly, and such a strong range of benefits for the companies who use mobile marketing techniques, it’s no wonder that top business analysts have predicted that mobile marketing will continue to develop in the future.

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