A step-by-step guide on how to get an SMS shortcode

SMS marketing is fantastic for quickly and effectively connecting with your customers. And guess what? The key to a successful SMS marketing campaign lies in having your very own SMS shortcode. We've got you covered with this step-by-step guide on how to get an SMS shortcode for your business. Let's dive in….

27 July 2023

What is an SMS shortcode? Well, it’s basically a 5 or 6-digit number that businesses use instead of the regular 10-digit SMS number. These short codes come in handy when you need high-volume, two-way messaging, as they have a faster per-second send speed.

There are plenty of successful ways to use short codes, but the main use cases include marketing and promotions, sending alerts and notifications, handling enquiries, conducting surveys, and implementing two-factor authentication. They are quite versatile!

So, next time you’re dealing with high message volumes or need to send time-sensitive messages, consider using a short code. It can make your life a whole lot easier!

Scout the perfect SMS service provider for your SMS shortcode

The main step when it comes to getting hold of an SMS shortcode, is making sure you find the right service provider. Research SMS service providers with a knack for delivering low-cost and simple SMS services, like TextAnywhere. Scope out pricing, features, and what others say about them. You want a provider with excellent delivery rates, scalability, and outstanding customer support. 

Bonus points if they offer extras like analytics and integrations.

Set up your shortcode

So, you have found your SMS shortcode provider, but now need to learn how to set up your shortcode. Many providers will be happy to assist. 

Here at TextAnywhere, we have a whole guide on how you can set up your SMS shortcode, so you will be sending in no time. 

Choose a keyword that packs a punch

A distinctive SMS keyword is a word or phrase that customers employ to interact with your business through an SMS number. When paired with an SMS shortcode, it facilitates effortless brand recognition and recall for your customers. 

By using keywords, businesses can create a segmented subscriber database, enabling targeted delivery of deals, offers, and alerts tailored to each customer’s interests and needs.

Keyword approved?

So, your keyword has been approved, and your shortcode is on the horizon…. The SMS service provider will now set up your dedicated shortcode and work their magic to link it with your chosen keyword. Let your customers know about your exclusive offers, captivating content, and all the good stuff that awaits them when they opt-in.

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