How can gyms successfully communicate with their members post-lockdown?

For gyms to successfully reopen, they need to be able to effectively communicate new safety protocols to members. Our latest infographic details how this can be achieved with SMS.

11 June 2020

According to a survey conducted by Sport England, the British public misses going to the gym more than doing any other sport during lockdown. In fact, 87% of those surveyed said they’d resume their membership post-lockdown and a further 27% of people, who are not currently members of a gym, said that they are likely to join once fitness centres begin to open again. 

As the spread of Covid-19 begins to reduce, lockdown restrictions are easing, alongside them is the much anticipated opening of gyms. However, despite the easing of lockdown restrictions, safety measures are still a priority for the British public. 

Consequently, the focus for gyms needs to be around how to balance sharing the new safety protocols while ensuring their members feel safe and content enough to return to the gym. 

The success of this lies in effective, clear and tailored communication. To help companies along, we have spoken to one of our partners, Premier Software, who specialise in software solutions specifically for the wellness and leisure industries and have put together the below infographic to help to support you in communicating the key safety measures during the opening of your gym or fitness facility.

To find out how TextAnywhere can help with your back-to-business strategy, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly team at [email protected] or call 0845 122 1302. Or to find out more about Premier Software and their solutions for businesses in the wellness and leisure industries, email [email protected].

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