5 essential questions to consider when choosing your SMS service provider

22 January 2016


When searching and selecting an SMS service provider businesses will discover it isn’t as straightforward as they initially thought. Many companies will package their services and pricing in different ways, which makes it difficult for the buyer to decide which company is offering the best overall deal. To assist with this assessment we have put together 5 crucial and essential questions businesses should consider when selecting their SMS service provider. The answers provided will hopefully alleviate any doubts and provide that much needed confidence when making a final decision on who to select.

Is their pricing clear?

Some companies will advertise their pricing to look like they are offering you the best price when in fact they can be additional hidden charges. Check that you are able to send messages internationally and if so what is the extra cost to do this, if any. Some companies tend to charge you extra for an opt-out service which is vital as it is a legal requirement for users to be able to opt-out. At TextAnywhere our pricing is clear and you only pay for the messages you send out. There are no set-up fees, no additional charges such receiving replies, plus our opt-out service is completely free of charge. With TextAnywhere you are able to send International text messages to over 225 countries. Please find our international charges listed here. This clearly outlines that sending a text to some countries would incur a charge over one credit.

What payment options are available?

Are you able to automatically purchase messages online by debit or credit card? Or if preferred would you require a credit facility and therefore pay via an invoice?  A large majority of SMS providers only offer pay as you go, an upfront method of payment. At TextAnywhere we offer various payment plans from purchasing online as pre-pay to having a credit account.

 Do they send their messages through UK Operators?

Sending messages through UK operators is the only way to ensure your messages are sent as quickly as possible and the most reliable form of connection. Some companies will reduce their costs by sending through non-UK network operators however this will most certainly reduce delivery quality by messages being delayed or simply lost. At TextAnywhere we only use UK operators to ensure your messages have the highest delivery satisfaction and quality.

Is the SMS service provider hosted in the UK?

You need to be confident in knowing that the your information and data is securely stored.In addition to security you also need to know the reliability of this so there isn’t a frequent downtime. At TextAnywhere we take security seriously and are PCI DSS compliant to further protect our clients’ payment card data and clearly show our information security policy.

Do they have an active customer care representative or responsive Technical Support?

Having reliable customer care contact and technical support when looking at your SMS service provider is crucial. At TextAnywhere we are fanatical about customer support. Our clients can be confident with our service due to the support from our friendly and highly trained UK Customer Services Team. In addition we have a Team of Developers on hand to help should you need further technical advise. We’re here from 0800 to 1800, Monday to Friday, and beyond!

Why not take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions which provides help and insight on the commonly asked questions on our products and services. For more details about TextAnywhere or if you require additional information about how SMS Marketing can benefit your organisation please contact us today at 0845 122 1302 or email us at [email protected].

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