What does the SMTP SMS service provide?

If you have an application that can send and receive emails, the TextAnywhere SMTP Service enables you to send and receive SMS text messages directly from within your application.

This service is an easy and effective way to add text messaging to your existing application. As well as being able to send messages, you can also receive replies to your sent messages, back in to your application.

There are several features to the SMTP service to help you meet your SMS text messaging objectives:

  • Send text messages from your application (just send the email to us, and our system will convert it and send it out as a text message to your chosen recipients).
  • Receive replies from those messages back in to your application, if required.
  • Send messages of up to 918 characters in length, which will still appear as a continuous single text message on each recipient’s handset.
  • You can choose to receive email confirmation of a message’s delivery to the recipient’s handset.
  • Choose to send your choice of 11 characters with the SMS, such as your organisation’s name, or support a reply capability.
  • Add a PIN to each email you send in to our system for message authentication and added security.

For more information on the TextAnywhere SMTP SMS Service, please call our Customer Service team on 08451 221 302.

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