How do I manage the cost my clients pay for their white label SMS credits?

It is entirely down to you to determine the cost of the text messages that your clients buy through your White Label service with us. The purchasing of the packs of messages is between you and your client – your client has no direct interaction or knowledge of TextAnywhere Ltd.

You can extend either pre-pay or credit accounts to your clients, and set the prices that you charge for each individual client through your online dashboard. You can even opt to use PayPal for your pre-pay clients, enabling them to purchase messages securely online by credit or debit card, and receiving the message credits immediately. You also receive payment directly in to your PayPal account.

You are responsible for invoicing your clients, even though they may have purchased and paid for their messages online, via PayPal.

The commercial relationship exists between you and us. We charge you for every message that is sent by your clients, through your white label service. We don’t charge you for every message that is bought by your client, only what they send.

Visit our White Label page for more information.

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