What is the cost of an SMS Short Code?

TextAnywhere offers short code SMS numbers via our TextPremium service. Charges for the TextPremium service fall in to two areas: a set-up fee and a monthly “rental” for your service.

We can provide you with either a Keyword on a Shared Short Code or your own, Dedicated Short Code.

With a Keyword on a Shared Short Code, you choose the Keyword, and then invite users to send a text starting with your Keyword to the shared short code number.

With a Dedicated Short Code, you can choose the five-digit short code number from the list of available numbers. Just let us know your chosen number and we will register and provision the number with the UK networks.

Users will then text in to your dedicated short code number in a free format, or you can create any number of keywords and run a different service on each of your keywords.

The most popular option is to select a keyword and host it on a Shared Short Code as the charges are significantly less. The set-up fee is a single, one-off charge for allocating your keyword on to one of our Short Code numbers and then registering your service with the UK network operators. A monthly charge then applies for the “rental” of your chosen keyword and Short Code combination. You can set-up and rent any number of keywords you wish.

You can also choose to set-up your own dedicated short code number and subsequently run an unlimited number of keywords from this number. Once again there is a one off set-up fee for the Short Code number, and an on-going monthly charge for the rental of the Short Code number. There are no additional charges for any keywords you create on your Dedicated Short Code.

Please see our TextPremium – SMS Shortcodes service for more information.

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