How to build an effective database

In recent years the communication channels to customers and potential clients have multiplied. Instead of simple letter or phone call, we now have email, web forms and text messaging.

Social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook also provide new ways to interact with your customers. SMS marketing is particularly effective. Mobile phones have almost 100% market penetration and most of us have our phones to hand almost 24 hours a day.

Using a text messaging service, then, is a great way to communicate with customers but you must have an effective strategy to build a database for your text message marketing campaigns. Here are five ways to build a database for business text messaging.

1) Make it simple

Make sure your customers know exactly how to sign up for your SMS services. Make it a prominent feature on websites and all communications and don’t over-complicate the process. Make sure you take every opportunity to sign them up.

2) Give them a reason

There are regulations which prevent prospects being contacted for marketing purposes without their express consent. You must therefore provide people with a compelling reason to sign up with your business text messaging service. Think about special offers, exclusive deal or just ways that it will make your customer’s life that bit easier.

3) Use your text service to extend your offering

Using text to remind customers about appointments or other useful information makes it natural for them to want to sign up and allows your automated texting service to become an integral part of your business model, rather than a marketing-only intrusion. 

4) Collect mobile data at every opportunity

Whenever and however a prospect contacts your company, make sure to ask for mobile data. Be honest about how you will use it and sell the benefits of SMS shortcode communications.

5) Use referrals

A referral is just about the best type of marketing you could get. People love sharing information about offers and an email to SMS campaign makes it easy to communicate special deals. An email to SMS gateway allows two way communications, so you can collect info from interested clients.

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