Send Business SMS

Communicate directly with customers and colleagues

Our simple and secure platform enables you to send and receive a variety of SMS communications including ad hoc updates and much larger campaigns, in just a few clicks.

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Sending business SMS

Our platform has been designed to be intuitive for business users and operate from a browser-based application, meaning you can send from any device connected to the internet.

Sending an SMS message from our platform involves just four steps:

  1. Select an existing contact list saved within your address book or upload a new csv file of message recipients 
  2. Enter sender details, so individuals know who the message is from (i.e. company name) or choose one of our free reply numbers
  3. Write your SMS message
  4. Press ‘send’ or schedule for a later time. 

Straightforward, direct and secure.

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How can sending business SMS work for you?

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Benefits for all business sizes

SMS is a ubiquitous messaging channel, boasting a 95% open rate. So whether you’re a smaller business just getting started or a more established company wanting to improve customer satisfaction, there are many ways you can harness the power of SMS to communicate more effectively than ever before.

See our industry use cases for specific examples of how to use SMS

Timely customer offers

With our TextCampaign service you can send personalised, bulk SMS campaigns to your customers via a channel with an average response time of 90 seconds. So whether you are an independent coffee shop wanting to offer coffee and croissants deals or a retail business wanting to send your customers personalised discount codes, you can rely on TextAnywhere to deliver. 

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Secure, direct updates

Using TextOnline, you can create contact lists and segments to facilitate quick messages to colleagues or students. Perhaps you are a facilities manager and you need to inform employees in the Nottingham office of a road closure; or you’re a teacher that needs to let parents know that Year One sports day has been postponed, you can do so easily and securely with TextAnywhere.

Learn how SMS can be used for effective business critical communications

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Brand identity

Choose an 11-character sender ID for your messages so that recipients know who they’re from i.e. your company name

Message templates

Create templates you can use time and time again, ensuring efficient and consistent messaging

Message delivery

Schedule messages as a one off, using one of our recurring options or use TextCampaign to smooth delivery over a period of time – particularly useful for when you’re expecting a large response

Single contacts or bulk campaigns

Send SMS messages to any volume of recipients, either using your contact books or single use .csv uploads

Long messages

For when short and sweet won’t do, you can send messages up to 918 characters in length

Personalise your campaigns

Use TextCampaign to personalise messages with elements such as customer name, account reference numbers, to be included in your messages

Database cleanse

When uploading contacts for TextCampaign, the system will automatically deduplicate

“It is easier and more instant than email, and because it’s going straight to candidate mobiles the response time is dramatically reduced. I would certainly recommend TextAnywhere to any business that needs to communicate with a client or prospect database. It is certainly very cost efficient.”

Sharleen Long